Just some quick photos from N.A.M.E.S. 2007.

Better comments and show report when I find time. :)

IMG_0126.jpg This was the line to get in. In the center of the pic you can see a white sign with red print. That was the 2/3rds poinr. Took about an 40 minutes to get in.

IMG_0199.jpg A shot of the whole room, trying to give scope to the event.

IMG_0149.jpg Sherline winner...

IMG_0150.jpg Sherline winner...

IMG_0147.jpg Past Sherline winner...

IMG_0172.jpg Craftsmanship winner Ferrari

IMG_0173.jpg Craftsmanship winner Ferrari

IMG_0175.jpg Craftsmanship winner Ferrari

IMG_0180.jpg Tiny CO2 engine

IMG_0183.jpg Tree of CO2 engines.

IMG_0185.jpg RC bird. Yes it really flies by flapping it's wings!

IMG_0128.jpg Mini 1

IMG_0145.jpg Mini 2

IMG_0163.jpg Mini 3

IMG_0131.jpg Tiny train

IMG_0205.jpg Train in progress

IMG_0165.jpg Car 1

IMG_0189.jpg Car 2

IMG_0176.jpg Cannon

IMG_0178.jpg Gatlin Gun

IMG_0197.jpg Cannon

IMG_0167.jpg Practical application. Heat runs a pump which runs a fountian suitable for decoration. If you don't mind having to light your fountain.

IMG_0211.jpg Lock Box. Has 12 latches that all opperate from one lock/lever/key.

IMG_0162.jpg Wood plane

IMG_0203.jpg Engine 1a Lots and lots of tiny moving parts.

IMG_0136.jpg Engine 1b

IMG_0190.jpg Elbow engine.

IMG_0191.jpg Engine 2

IMG_0195.jpg Engine 3

IMG_0196.jpg Engine 4

IMG_0202.jpg Engine 5

IMG_0193.jpg Engine 6

IMG_0194.jpg Engine 7

IMG_0135.jpg Tiny generator

IMG_0200.jpg Big stuff 1

IMG_0201.jpg Big stuff 2


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