Update, 4:51pm 05/14/06... This morning I talked to the police officer in charge of (and eye whitness of) the accident. It seems I misunderstood. When they said I was hit by the "trailer" they meant the tractor-trailer. He both changed lanes into me and ran over the back part of my car. Which pulled it across and in front of him. Luckilly I kept right on sliding over to the concrete barrier. After that I was "doughnut spinning" while ping-poining between the barrier and the rig. That explains how I got "hit" so many times when nobody else actually hit me. Why the rig wasn't more damaged I can't possibly imagine.

Also, it would seem that, while I got away unscathed, not everybody was so lucky. Which I guess I should have figured considering how mangled together the SUV and truck were. It seems serveral folks in the SUV were, in fact, hurt. One of them is in the hospital in critical conditition.

It's now about 24 hours later... Yep, I'm sore. Not like they said I'd probably be. The knee still hurts, but less than last night. No limp or anything. I'm sure it will be fine. My neck is a tad stiff but nothing major I don't think. I have a slight head ache. Could be from the accident. Or lack of sleep. Or from all the other things I did last night (gluing carpet in the whee hours is nasty work!)... heh. I'm shaken but not stirred.

At about 3:15, 05/13/06 one bing ol' honkin' truck with one big ol' honkin' camper [make that semi] changed lanes into me and/or "ran me over" (depending on who you ask) at about 65 mph on I-35. Then comedy ensued. No one seems to have been seriously hurt. I walked away unscratched. 5 hours later I think, maybe, I just might have hurt my knee a bit. Tomorrow I'm told I'll probably hurt in places I didn't know I had...

I'll have to write more about the specifics later. The short version is this. There were 4 lanes. The big ol' honking truck [semi] was in the left lane. I was in the lane next to it. Bump. Boom. Spin. Thump. Bam. Spin. Crunch. How he wound up in the lane to my right (see the phots) is a mystery to me. Where the SUV and semi [truck] came from I don't know. What I do know is I went into left lane. I hit the concrete wall of the median. I got hit going forwards. I got hit going sideways. I got hit going backwards. I got hit going sideways the other way. And somehow, when I stoped and the smoke (literal airbag smoke) cleared I was back in the lane I stared in. If I had a car left I could have just driven away. How no one else was involved musta been a miracle.

Wrecker guy said, "Must not have been your day to go..." I guess not...



T_IMG_1074.JPGNote the piece of debris in the background, on the far side of the highway. That would be my bumper...







T_IMG_1116.JPGInside the car all was well.

T_IMG_1111.JPGMy "lucky" license plate holder. It used to also say, "...and, sure enough, they're yours"







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