Digitalfires Fireflys Page

th_picture_notthere.jpg "Fireflys" the semi-final version.

th_picture_055.jpg th_picture_056.jpg The LEDs...

th_picture_011.jpg Under the hood.

th_picture_008.jpg My third version.

th_picture_notthere.jpg My second version.

th_picture_006.jpg My first version.

th_picture_notthere.jpg The one that started it all.

Jigs and test boards

th_picture_007.jpg My original pulse width modulation (PWM) test jig.

th_picture_009.jpg th_picture_042.jpg The RGB tweeking test jig.

th_picture_010.jpg th_picture_041.jpg The original quasi-DAC test jig.

th_picture_040.jpg An EEPROM test jig.

th_picture_043.jpg My original "current stress test" LED jigs.

The Case

th_picture_013.jpg th_picture_014.jpg The original master, machined out of aluminum.

th_picture_017.jpg th_picture_015.jpg th_picture_016.jpg The silicone mold with a machined aluminum "mother" mold for alignment and ridgidity.

th_picture_036.jpg th_picture_035.jpg The mill jig for cleaning up and finishing cases.

th_picture_054.jpg Cases!!!

th_picture001.jpg th_picture_005.jpg Jig for making the heat sink/switch holder.

th_picture_039.jpg Heat sink and switches.

th_picture_038.jpg Button masters, mold and some cast-but-not-yet-cleaned buttons.

th_picture_012.jpg th_picture_018.jpg Case with buttons.






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